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At 21, Taylor Swift has four Grammys, two platinum records, a new apartment (her first) in Nashville, and a tuneful knack for getting things off her chest, to judge from her new album, Speak Now. “The record is like a collection of open letters, telling people what I wish I’d said when the moment was right there in front of me,” she says. Its expressive powers also make music the perfect gift, according to Swift. “When I want to give something that people will really appreciate, I put together a playlist that caters to whatever situation they’re in. It’s comforting to know there’s always a song out there that says what you feel.” Here, Swift shares a few of her eloquent favorites.

For mending a bruised heart “I’ve created a lot of breakup playlists for friends. One of my standbys is ‘You Wanted It,’ by MoZella. I first heard it in an airport bathroom when I was going through a situation with a guy—I’d thought he was in, but he was just chasing me for the sake of the chase. This song sounds like she can empathize.”

For making yourself at home “I’m a big fan of ‘A Little Opera Goes a Long Way,’ by Sky Sailing: [sings] Pretend you’re not alone / Like you are center stage on Broadway / ‘Cause when you are on your own / A little opera goes a long way. That was my theme song for the first few days of living solo.”

For feeling creative “My 18-year-old brother turned me on to the Icelandic band Sigur Rós—they make me happy and take me away to dreamland. I love trying to memorize the words, even though they’re singing in their own language. Sometimes I’ll make up some lyrics. It gets pretty interesting.”

For pondering a certain four-letter word “I have a playlist called Happily Ever that’s 30 songs deep, all about love: ‘Until You,’ by Dave Barnes, ‘Rain,’ by Patty Griffin, ‘Easy Silence,’ by the Dixie Chicks. When I listen to ‘Naked as We Came,’ by Iron and Wine, I hang on every word and dissect every metaphor; I’m completely absorbed.”

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“Prioritize happiness”

I find Taylor Swift to be such an inspiration.

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Passion: a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything: a passion for music.

We all have a passion for something, whether we know it or not, we do. The best thing to do once we find our passion is to figure out a way to convey it, express it, show it. Music is often something that people find passion in. Whether it be the lyrics, the drum beat, the guitar solo, or the mixing of it all, almost anyone can find something beautiful to take away from a song. And that is exactly why music has become such a staple in our every day lives.

You might find your neighbor’s son’s band to be nothing but racket coming from the garage, but in reality that boy might very well be discovering who he is – yes, while giving you a headache – but still, he is becoming the man he will grow up to be. Or your daughter – maybe she doesn’t want to play the piano like she has been taking lessons to learn for the past four years. Perhaps she wants to give the guitar a try. Let her. Who knows, she could be the next Taylor Swift, or hey, it could be like that time she wanted to be an ice skater, but at least she’ll learn something new about herself. We all need to wander before we can discover, and that’s a fact.

Want to see a piece of history in the making? Support an up and coming band, Fire Eyed Cherry, as they take off on their journey just like every band before them and play their very first night club show. This band of college students began a few years ago as a bunch of kids messing around with one very important thing in common: their love for music. Chris Salazar, the lead guitarist, writes most of their music based on personal experiences, and the band recently co-wrote their first song. Elora Manzo, the group’s vocalist offers a range that many young singers could not be expected to reach while the talented Ricardo Barragan adds in rhythm guitar, Francisco Huesca backs it all up on bass, and James Beard claims to only be a temporary drummer, adding a beat to it all.

Fire Eyed Cherry will be playing at Avalon in Santa Clara, California on November 21st, 2010. This is a band that you will want to be able to say you’ve seen live, so hurry and buy your tickets online now at www.aftonshows.com/fireeyedcherry .


Other Resources:

Official Site: www.fireeyedcherry.yolasite.com

ReverbNation Site: http://www.reverbnation.com/chrissalazar

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Speak Now

Check out Taylor Swift’s new album cover! The album is called Speak Now and comes out on October 25th!

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